If you’re a 90’s kid you will remember Ding Dong Bubble Gum. We have all spent our childhood eating and singing the very famous Ding Dong Bubble Gum series songs. But since we have all grown up and groomed ourselves, Hilal also decided to revamp and change it’s Billi completely.

This new Billi turned out to be an actual disaster, however, the team must have thought that it would come out positively but everyone is criticizing the new Billi. It doesn’t even look like the one we used to see in our television screens back then. Not only Billi but the mouse and fox went through an extreme makeover.

They also changed the song and the voice of Billi is completely changed as well. Everyone is shocked and not at all happy with the new TVC.

Check out the video here:

Soon after watching the TVC many took to twitter and shared how they felt after seeing their childhood Ding Dong all ruined:


What do you think about this new TVC?