Q: Are you really conscious about your fitness?

I am conscious about my fitness, but at times I tend to lose my fitness as I am really fond of food. On and off I diet and go to the gym; I work out from 10 to 10 so yeah I am conscious on how I look and how people see me. I have to get over that consciousness because at times I inculcate it into myself and that keeps coming to your mind, so yes, I am very conscious.

Q: Are you equally strict about your children’s diet?

No, I am not, because I believe children should be given the freedom to eat anything they want at this stage because they will start taking care of their diet as they grow. I want them to enjoy and eat anything. But, I don’t allow them soft drinks because I believe if you get addicted to them from the beginning it really gets hard to put a stop to it. Even if you are not in the industry, you still have to .re for your health; eat healthy & wealthy.

Q: How often do you allow them to eat junk food?

If it’s under my control, I would allow them to have ‘junk food.’ But, i do that only  when Sunita and I have to go somewhere, we bribe them with junk foods and our kids love nuggets, so that is the only time when we allow them to eat junk food. Since now days there is a trend of processed food, my wife is really strict about it; but when she is not around, I order something from outside.

Q: Do you take them to a nutritionist just to make sure they are fit and fine?

Yes, we do hove a doctor who is a child nutritionist, they go there —not for their fitness but more because of when they get sick, and we visit our doctor after every two months. They, thus, tell us what they should eat and avoid.

Q: Do you cook food at home?

No, I don’t, I just love to eat. I can cook late at night when there’s nothing in the fridge, then I make something with an egg and add pickles as well. I make something of my own and it tastes well. One habit of mine is that I don’t share my food with anyone, not even my wife. But, after they were born and when I started feeding them with my own hands then eventually I realized they are my kids and I have to share my food with them and eventually I started sharing food with the rest of my family also.

Q: Ever experimented in kitchen?

No, not exactly. When you can easily get food then why cook or experiment? I rather prefer eating outside then experiment on food.

Q: Any place that you have visited with your family and want to visit again because of its exotic food?

Personally, I love Nando’s because their chicken and fries are simply too good to ignore, and then the kids get settled easily as well. Otherwise, I love sushi. I get these phases of food craving every now and then. Plus, I need to have a sweet dish every night. I am that sort of person that would go to the shop late of night just buy something sweet, I love Piste ka Halwa and then I have this craving for bread and butter Pudding. So, every now and then, I get this craving for sweet dish.

Q: Since you and Sunita are from the same industry and are to cut it into half; keep eating throughout the day and working how do you both manage to give time to your kids?

Well, Alhamdulillah I am proud that I am living with my parents. They take good care of my kids and then we have domestic help as well. One of the advantages of living with your parents is that they treat your kids like their own. We are off on Sundays and because my mom wants my son to be religiously strong, so she wants me to that take him to Friday prayers, which is why I have put it in my contracts that on Friday I will come to shoot after Friday prayers. But, we do get three offs every week, so get to spend much time together.

Q: What do you usually like to eat?    

I like to eat everything — be it desi food; Karhai, Biryani or Mutton Karhai. I don’t like homemade karhai as it doesn’t have that aroma and flavor that we get from the original Karhai when you go out, especially which the Pathan makes. I can eat anything in this planet except for the things which our culture does not allow.

Q: Any advice for the fitness freak dads?

Most important thing or advice to fitness freak dads is that they should keep their sleep cycle accurate. I think one person should take care of his sleep more. Eat everything, but try to maintain the quantity. If you are eating three rotis then cut it down to two or one and a half. We have this habit of filling the plate with rice, so try maintain your metabolism. That’s the advice I would want to give to fitness freak dads.