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Black Plum’s (Jamun) Seeds are also helpful in curing Diabetes

Fruits are a blessing by nature. These are not only tasty but having plenty of health benefits for the human body and lifestyle. Black Plum- Jamun is also sweet and yummy fruit available in Punjab, Pakistan.

Jamun has not only been on the top in fighting diabetes, but also its seed. They are also known to combat diabetes. Health expert ‘Yasin Haider’ said that by consuming these seeds as a part of managing diabetes can heal the diabetic patient.

The diabetes Expert further shared to firstly wash the seeds thoroughly so that none of the flesh is left on them.

Here’s How You Can Use Black Plum- Jamun Seeds For Managing Diabetes:

1. Clean Jamun and keep them in a container.

2. Squeeze out the seeds from the flesh part with your fingers and store them in another container. Wash the seeds thoroughly so that none of the flesh is left on them.

3. Now, spread the seeds on a clean cloth and keep it under the sun for drying. Please note that it takes about three to four days for them to dry out.

4. Once they are dried, peel off the outer shell and collect the green inner core of the seeds. The green inner core of the seeds can be broken into half easily just by pressing your fingers.

5. Once you break them down, keep them in the sun for a few more days till they are dried.
Now, powder the dried seeds in a grinder.

6. You will notice coarse powder. Sieve the crushed seeds and repeat the same method until most of the dried seed powder passes through the sieve.

7. Store the Jamun seed powder in an air-tight container and use it as and when you’d want to.
Take a glassful of water and a teaspoon of Jamun seed powder every morning on an empty stomach.

Diabetes cannot be wiped out from the body but one can control its intensity by taking a few home remedies and having a healthy lifestyle.

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