Biryani is the only dish which everyone in Pakistan specially Karachities love. If there is any celebration, biryani becomes the most awaited and main dish of the event. Spicy Biryani with a juicy leg piece, aloo and of course, raita and salad makes your biryani even more scrumptious. Similarly there are many places which offer biryani, but here we reveal the top biryani places whose biryani is not only famous but is delicious too.

White Biryani 

This biryani resembles another advancement in biryani town. Breaking the generalization of yellow biryani, this biryani put rose as a diner which serves white biryani.

Haji Biryani – Jamshed Road

It is a standout amongst the most prudent biryani spots of Karachi.

Madni Biryani – Buffer Zone

They have 5 outlets in Karachi. Madni has the ideal mix of flavors which makes their biryani “an absolute necessity have” dish this city.

Biryani Of The Seas (BOTS) – Clifton

This place ought to be your definitive stop! Eminent for its fish and prawn biryani, this place is one of its sorts.

Biryani Centre

One of the most seasoned biryani spots of K-town, this brand has the most branches of any biryani put in this city. Being effortlessly open with consummate relish, this place has earned a high rank in our rundown.

Student Biryani

This pioneer of biryani in Karachi still stands high on the stage. Understudy Biryani is as yet the main decision of many individuals who want to eat Sindhi biryani over some other biryani type.