Who doesn’t love to eat dates they are most of the people’s favorite fruit and a ready made instant dessert. There are so many benefits of dates that will make you to consume them even after Ramadan.

Improves heart health 

Dates contain isoflavones (the second highest of any fruit) that are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Help regulate cholesterol 

Dates contain no cholesterol. They are also rich in iron and have more fiber than bananas.

Improve bone health 

Dates are rich sources of copper, magnesium, selenium, and manganese – all of which are important to keep your bones healthy and prevent bone-related conditions like osteoporosis.

Dates are also rich in vitamin K, which is a blood coagulant and helps metabolize your bones.

Regulates blood pressure 

The magnesium in the fruit relaxes the muscles in your heart and blood vessels, consequently reducing blood pressure.

Promote brain health 

Dates have been found to offer protection against oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain. Regular consumption of dates and similar fruits has been linked to a lowered risk of neurodegenerative diseases and better cognitive performances in older individuals

Prevent colon cancer 

Consumption of dates also increases the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, and this promotes colon health.

Help prevent night blindness 

Dates, the oldest cultivated trees in recorded history, can cure night blindness.