Recently, a video surfaced on the internet where Ali Rehman Khan was seen being rude to an employee, leaving us to wonder if he’s a real life villain. McDonald’s Pakistan came to action and made the audience curious by owning it and announcing an exciting campaign.


Check out the TVC, we can’t seem to stop watching.

In this 47 second ad, Ali Rehman Khan, playing a bewildered detective, is seen interrogating a suspect and questioning whether the information he’s being given is true or not.

Now that the SUCH has been revealed, we get the staged joke between Ali Rehman Khan and the McDonald’s Crew member. The price cut is incredible! Who would have thought McDonald’s would be offering Spicy McCrispy and McChicken meals for only Rs.450 each! Can you believe it? We still can’t and we are heading to McDonald’s because for us EATING is BELIEVING!