The Holy month of Ramadan is celebrated with respect and enthusiasm all over the world and Pakistan is no different when it comes to celebrating this blessed month. The major aspect of this month remains food; there are so many edible brands and eateries taking advantage of the much celebrated Iftar dinner buffets and it is pretty hard to choose between them, some offer traditional food and some offer continental but Al-Bustan located at Mövenpick Hotel Karachi, has it all under one roof.

Al-Bustan is the main all-day (lunch, high tea and dinner) international buffet restaurant of the hotel. It specializes in providing extensive buffet meals in best prices. The Iftar dinner buffet was not different! Despite the huge sitting capacity with caters up to 250 guests at a time, the place is comfortable and cozy and very well organized. With around more than 60 different dishes, it is almost very difficult for a foodie to think where to start from. From savory to sweet, everything was so fresh and made of good quality ingredients.

If you are planning on your next iftaar out with your loved ones, Al-Bustan is the place for you.