Actress Jana Malik just started her online bakery

    Pakistani actress Jana Malik has now started her online bakery business! After pursuing her career in acting now she has decided to start her own venture of cooking and baking.

    Jana is based in Lahore spoke about her journey sharing, “I’ve loved cooking and baking since I was a child. People tackle stress in different ways: some paint, some read; for me, it’s cooking and baking. It’s extremely therapeutic for me and is a stress-reliever.”

    “Before taking it up professionally, friends and family have also told me that I cook well, and have zaiqa in my hands so that really boosted my confidence.”

    Jana then decided to take a break from acting to explore not just her cooking skills but even hair-styling. Jack of all trades or what?

    “I just realised that I wanted to explore, see and experience and more of the world. Getting a diploma from Toni and Guy in hair color and haircuts, served as the perfect launchpad to meet and connect with people. Second on my list was joining SCAFA – The Cooking school in Lahore, they have an amazing atmosphere and faculty. It was a great learning experience as I Iearned how to make different kinds of breads, desserts, even France’s King Louis XVI’s favourite cake [la galette des rois]!”.

    She doesn’t want to stop there. She revealed she has plans for a space which includes a bakery, salon, cafe and cinema!

    About her ideas for her brick and mortar store, she revealed, “I’ve always thought of this little space, a compound of sorts, which has a fifty seater cinema, a cafe and a bakery, and a salon. The compound will always have outdoor activities, where families can come and unwind. All of this is part of that plan.”

    “For the name, I thought of Kuch Bhi, because you can avail all kinds of services here. You want to celebrate a birthday, watch a favourite movie, or just relax with family, this is the place.”

    “I make really good donuts and one day, I was just getting bored so I posted about it on Instagram to see the kind of response I get. I started going to Bakespy last month and got an overwhelming response. It was entirely unexpected, I had never thought I would receive so much love and appreciation from people. The most liked ones were my Dark Choclate Ganache donuts, followed by White Chocolate and Boston Cream.”

    After donuts, I started taking orders for cakes also. Again, they’ve been very well-received. It’s the second month and I’m just taking things as they come, going with the flow.”