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10 eatables that will keep energize this Ramadan

The holy month of Ramazan is here and that calls for a steady diet plan for all rozedars. The pre-dawn meal or Sehri is the most important meal during Ramazan since that is what one’s body thrives on all day. To gain proper health and fitness benefits, Weetabix is the perfect source of nutrients for you to enjoy the divine month whole heartedly.

With the blistering heat scorching upon us this summery Ramadan, one should only consume meals that will not only keep you energized but hydrated from Sehri to Iftar, resulting to a wholesome day of productivity and blessings. On that note, Weetabix (Facebook Pakistan link) seems to be the best Sehri meal for you this Ramadan and here are 10 reasons how it’s going to keep you energized this Ramadan:

  • Make your Sehri easy and convenient with rich bowl of Weetabix
  • Weetabix will ensure desired protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals & iron throughout Ramadan.
  • Weetabix keeps the digestive system healthy giving your body the energy it needs during the fasting
  • No matter how much you’ll eat it, it will never cause fatigue
  • It’s a complete source of energy, accompanied by milk
  • A blend of fruits and nuts will keep you energized from Sehri to Iftaar
  • Weetabix is a blood-sugar friendly cereal and a best meal partner for diabetics
  • No matter what age, Weetabix will keep you fit and energized
  • Combat tiredness and stay active throughout Ramadan
  • Not just in Ramadan, you can also make Weetabix a part of your healthy routine

So Weetabix your Sehri this Ramadan as healthy sehri does not always mean high calories. It will not only help you stay fuller through the day but keep your energy levels up. Moreover, it avoids acidity that may be caused during fasting and make things rather unpleasant. So have a healthy and refreshed Ramadan with a bowl of Weetabix (and maybe try it with honey – YUM!)

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