A restaurant is a place where you go to eat food, to spend time out with your loved ones. Restaurants vary greatly in appearance and offerings, including a wide variety of cuisines and service models ranging from inexpensive fast food restaurants and cafeterias to mid-priced family restaurants, to high-priced luxury establishments. Here are 10 Best Dine-in spots in Pakistan, you would love your time spent here…

  1. Monal

Sitting on top of the Potohar, nestled against the pristine Margallas, and looking over the plains of Peshawar and Lahore, the brick and mortar of Islamabad, offering an authentic Pakistani cuisine. It has been produced by the fusion of indigenous flavors and aromas with culinary bequests from Arabia, Persia and Central Asia, as the many tribes, people and cultures blended over centuries across the valleys and plains of the Indus.

In addition to its main kitchens, The Monal has five live kitchens. On display here are the culinary skills of our well trained chef’s not to mention our exemplary standard of hygiene. Watching our chefs preparing your meal could be an enticing – and mouth-watering experience.

2. Kolachi

Kolachi is the most favorite eating out place of all the food lovers located at Do Darya Karachi, where you may enjoy the best quality of desi food including Karhai, Malai Boti, Tikka, Sajji, Biryani, Qorma, Special Breads, beverages, and many other traditional & inter-continental dishes. Many people visit here for spending the memorable time and enjoy the buffet in the front of sea view.

Play area for children is also available. Kolachi Restaurant right above the shores gives you an ultimate fulfilling experience. Once visited than you’ll be a fan forever. This is a superb place for parties as well so let’s come and enjoy such a tasty menu at Kolachi restaurant Karachi.

3. Bon Vivant Palais – Lahore

Bon Vivant Palais is a place for exquisite food from around the world. It is the first food outlet of its kind in Pakistan which offers Continental, Chinese and Desi restaurants under one roof. Bon Vivant Palais gives a stunning view inside and out. The list of Bon Vivant Palais eateries include:

Rawayaat is one of the many chic restaurants of Bon Vivant Palais which manifests colors of local culture and offers Desi cuisines with supreme taste and quality.

Cafe Bon Vivant is the best choice to enjoy our selection of sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, shakes and coffee. At Cafe Bon Vivant, we offer a large range of food and drinks throughout the day and make sure that you feel like eating a fresh homemade meal, prepared with care.

4. Veranda Bistro- Lahore

If you are searching for Thai & Continental buffet, Varenda Bistro in Lahore is the best place for it. A classy interior and ambiance this offers a nice hang out place with all sorts of people. The buffet menu for lunch and dinner is quite reasonable with some light nice continental stuff on their plates.

Apart from their Royal interior, the food made the taste buds return to golden times back in Saudi Arabia and Veranda’s got the best taste of Arabic & Mediterranean in Lahore.

5. Café Aylanto

Café Aylanto has become a name which represents high quality cuisine and refined sophistication. Café Aylanto promises an extraordinary experience of culinary sensation. A very good ambiance allows you to enjoy the evening with your partner at a relaxing atmosphere and candle light dinner. It has open and inside sittings too. The food is not lesser than anything else.

6. Okra – The Restaurant

Okra opened its doors in 1999 on Zamzama in Karachi and redefined what fine dining was all about. It is the restaurant with just the right ambience, a place to be seen at or, more importantly, the best place for a Mediterranean cuisine.

What sets Okra apart is the impeccable service it provides. Efficient and courteous, most of the staff have been with Okra since its inception. They are knowledgeable and passionate about the food they prepare and serve and are able to recommend dishes according to the diner’s palate. They serve outstanding food with best presentation.

7. Haveli restaurant


While the breathtaking views from the Haveli Restaurant are enchanting and romantic, its cuisine is simply delicious. The Haveli offers incomparable and outstanding views of the famous Badshahi Mosque built by the Moghul emperor Aurangzeb The Haveli is in itself a unique representation of the rich heritage of Lahore. Its wooden balconies and jharokas, hand carved doors and windows, wrought iron railings, sun dried flat bricks, handmade tiles and other antique features, makes it an embodiment of the characteristic style of the old ‘Walled City’. Whether it’s a romantic candle light dinner for two, or a splendid banquet for two hundred, the Haveli Restaurant is the logical choice for a fun filled evening of great food, excellent service, and a memorable experience.

8. Bar B Q tonight

Bar B Q Tonight serves authentic Pakistani dishes along with our signature Bar.B.Q dishes. Bar.B.Q Tonight is the new standard for exquisite quality and taste, serving unique varieties of cuisines to cater to every flavor, and every tongue, in its own unique style. Comfortable sittings along with the mouth-watering tasty servings, Bar B Q tonight have won many hearts.

9. Lal Qila

There are only few restaurants which serves Buffet food. Lal qila is one and famous amongst them. Mughlai hall has a Jharoka (lattice) in its outer view. Its inner position gives you a true marvelous depiction of Mughlai Artistry. Decorated with real items of Mughlai era it takes you back to the 17th century. Adorned with courtesy of mughlai era,they offer authentic Mughlai , Tandori, Live Bar-B-Que & Traditional Pakistani cuisine.

10. Coco’s Den

In the heart of Lahore, flanked by Badshahi Mosque on one side, and the Lahore Fort on the other, Cooco’s Den is not just a restaurant with excellent food, but an experience of historic proportions regardless of how many times you go there. Serving everything from traditional appetizers to a variety of delectable Lahori entrees, and topping it off with great tasting dessert, Cooco’s Den is definitely a food connoisseur’s delight.